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About Me

I’m Rob Jewell. Writer + retired teacher at Kent State University + former VP of Corporate Communications at BFGoodrich Company. Woodland Park, CO, USA.

I’ve reached the stage in life when many grab a lawn chair and wait for the life clock to strike midnight while sitting at the end of a garage driveway drinking beer in a state where the humidity matches the temperature. Nah. Not for me. I’ve opted — with the enthusiastic support of my wife, Mary, to leave the comfort zone of Northeast Ohio and relocate to Colorado, making reality¬† of something we’ve talked about for years.

Regardless of venue, I’m not ready to spend my days in a lawn chair. I enjoy running and biking.¬† I’m planning on learning how to fly fish beyond just tossing the line into a mountain stream. I’m looking forward to my double Jameson at happy hour while “living above the clouds.”

And to use a line from Andy Rooney: “Writers don’t retire. I will always be a writer.”

A repository of my past blog posts lives at PR On The Run.