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In 2016: Alfred E. Neuman?

In 2016: Alfred E. Neuman?

I might be mad for suggesting this, but I’ve pretty much given up on the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. As best I can tell, one offers only hope. And the other offers absolutely no change. Sigh. So next time around, I’m all in for Alfred E. Neuman.

I won’t be alone.

Here’s from Politico:

Every four years, it’s a common joke among disillusioned voters: “I wrote in for Alfred E. Neuman.”

The reference is to MAD magazine’s signature character, the goofy, gap-toothed guy who fictitiously runs for president every four years in the pages of the humor magazine.

And more:
“He’s just got this stupid face that people seem to like and they write in his name,” MAD magazine editor John Ficarra told POLITICO. “He’s sort of like Ron Paul, but with better looks and better positions.”

Ficarra said the magazine has concocted a fictitious run almost every four years since 1956. They don’t ever bother finding out how many actual write-in votes Neuman got, but he says “People will sometimes send in pictures of them holding up Alfred posters as they got into the voting booth.”

Hmm. “He’s sort of like Ron Paul, but with better looks and better positions.”

In other words, hope and change we can believe in.

Remember. You saw it here first.



  1. Brian Wooley says:

    One party “offers only hope”?

    Would that be the same party that’s sending the first female Purple Heart recipient to the U.S. House of Representatives?

    The same party sending the first openly LGBT person (of any gender) to the U.S. Senate?

    The same party to have sent the first Muslim-American to the House–five years ago?

    I would classify those as hopeful outcomes, to be sure… but also as real, significant change. And I doubt I’m alone on that.

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