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Medicare and Marathons

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Medicare and Marathons

Unlike most people in this country, I have no idea about how to save Medicare, if the health care program for seniors needs saving at all. So when Paul Ryan and the other pols start talking in billions of dollars — in new taxes. cost savings, cutting existing waste, whatever — I kinda just shrug. But I do know something about marathons. And there is a big difference between completing the 26.2 miles in over four hours or under three hours.

Trust me on that.

I’ve been there. Over four hours three times. And the time isn’t likely something you would forget. I know I never will.

So if Paul Ryan is confused about how long it look him to complete a marathon, I’m not sure he is the guy I want to bank my health care on.  Hey, I’m taking the deep dive into the dark hole of Medicare in November. See Huffington Post, “Paul Ryan: Marathon Time Claim Not True.”

  1. Medicare and Marathons | ColoROBo has been added to my own favorites. I can’t wait to learn more about this subject.

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