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Power Lunches and Powerballs

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Power Lunches and Powerballs

As most of us who have toiled in the field of public relations know only too well, style and symbolism most often trump substance. We’ll see if that’s the case today at the White House as the Prez and Mitt Romney get together for a power lunch. [Wonder if Mitt will have a turkey club? I would.] It will be a shame if there isn’t any substance to the lunch and conversation. Even though he didn’t outline many specifics during the campaign, Romney, you would think, based on his business experience should have some ideas about creating jobs and strengthening our economy.

Obama would be wise to listen — and welcome Romney to lend his voice to finding solutions to the big issues and problems facing our nation.

Clearly, it appears that members of Congress have their collective foot pressed firmly on the accelerator as we speed toward the so-called fiscal cliff.

In fact, given the national obsession and euphoria over the Powerball lottery, shouldn’t the Prez encourage the leaders in the House and Senate to come together in a bipartisan way and buy lottery tickets, using the winnings, if any, to offset the need to raise federal revenue and cut spending?

That’s a plan that most Americans would understand.

And endorse with enthusiasm.

On another matter that touches on the notion of style over substance, wouldn’t it save reporters, editors, bloggers and other miscreants considerable angst if they only had to opine about Lindsay Lohan on the days when she wasn’t being arrested? Just askin’.


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